Thursday, July 24, 2014
Machado Claus in all his glory. No, they wouldn’t let me take one.

Machado Claus in all his glory. No, they wouldn’t let me take one.

The line to get into Machado Claus giveaway bobble tonight in Bowie.

The line to get into Machado Claus giveaway bobble tonight in Bowie.

Sunday, June 22, 2014
Chris Marrero bats against Binghamton,  6/22/14

Chris Marrero bats against Binghamton, 6/22/14

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Final chance for Reimold?

Nolan Reimold made his first rehab start tonight in Bowie, singling for his only hit in three plate appearances, striking out and flying out in his other chances. The 31 year old Reimold played six innings in left field before being removed. Reimold has not seen game action since the end of Spring Training, suffering from the same neck problems that have limited him to just 56 games with the Orioles over the last two seasons. Eligible for arbitration again this season, Reimold is likely facing his last chance to prove to the Orioles that he still can be a part of the the club’s plans going forward. Reimold has had an interesting career so far, so I thought I’d take a look back at the twists and turns along the way.

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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Life in the minor leagues.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Prospect Report: CF Dariel Alvarez


Signed for $800,000 in July of 2013, CF Dariel Alvarez is the second Cuban OF to join the Orioles organization in recent years, following OF Henry Urrutia. The bonus money offered to Alvarez surprised some scouts involved in the international player market, as Baseball America’s Ben Badler  told MASN’s Steve Melewski that Urrutia is clearly far, far ahead of Alvarez" So how does he look now?
Born: 11/07/1988
Place: Camaguey, Cuba
HT/WT: 6’2”, 180lbs
B/T: R/R
Dariel came to the in 2013 as an under the radar prospect playing for the Camaguey team in the Cuban National Series (CNS) league, where he spent his age 17-22 seasons playing multiple positions in the OF and some time spent as a pitcher. Some MLB scouts viewed his lively arm to be better suited for the mound but the Orioles were insistent he had the tools to play the OF. Playing mainly RF in Cuba, the Orioles have moved him to CF full-time in Bowie, where they hope to see if he can develop his reads off the bat and his routes to the ball and if his hitting can develop to the point that he has the power necessary to progress in the higher levels of the minor leagues
Alvarez split time between three levels of the Orioles system last year (Rk, A+, AA), adjusting well to the American game, OPSing .943 and hitting 4 HR (totaling 9 XBH) in 83 PAs over 22 games played. This year, Alvarez has only improved, slashing .349/.364/.568. Alvarez has flashed some power as well, with 7 HR through tonight’s action, which included a solidly hit opposite field home run tonight against Erie.
So far Dariel shows minimal handedness splits, hitting RHPs a little better than LHPs, and generally provides a consistent approach against opposing pitchers this year. Seen primarily as a gap hitter with some power potential (though still less than many see in Urrutia), Alvarez has noticeably been better at picking out pitches to drive, leading to the numbers through the first 40+ games in the AA campaign.
Scouting Report:
Alvarez has a frame similar to current Orioles CF Adam Jones, who came up as a SS in Seattle’s system. Good height with long arms and broad shoulders seem to indicate that with his continued adjustment to the US, he could continue to add additional muscle to his frame. At 25, he in that gray area as a prospect/late bloomer but it appears that physically he’s healthy and has the body required to advance.
Seen as having an uppercut in his swing, Alvarez as clearly worked on calming it down to the point that it is less noticeable. His swing is aggressive and at its worst can look a little long, though generally he attacks balls up and out over the plate. Spray charts would probably see the largest concentration of balls hit out in between the power alleys. Power comes from strong front leg plant and good hip rotation. Of the three home runs I’ve seen him hit in person, all have gone to the right side of the OF. If he doesn’t develop a killer instinct on inside pitches, will likely see power decrease as he gets to higher levels of competition. Of course, the one video available on shows him pulling a middle-in fastball to LF for a home run, but generally he is not what I would call a pull hitter.
Alvarez compares pretty well to Jones from a skills standpoint, possessing an absolute cannon for an arm, probably the best in the Orioles system at the moment. His routes have improved from even the beginning of the year, and he’s attacking balls in the gap well and asserting himself well on balls that are 50/50. Speed is good enough to get the job done, has a nice first step and his growing reputation for throwing out base runners has helped dissuade opposing baserunners from being greedy on balls hit his way.
Alvarez is quick but not a burner. Balls that should be extra bases generally are and he is aware on the basepaths. Not much of a stolen base threat.
Hard to say where he will be in the next three years but he will need to keep up this performance to force the Orioles hand. While not “old” he is at age-level for his league and he likely will not develop new talents and the Orioles should continue polishing his current strengths and keeping him from falling into bad habits with his areas of weakness. 
Grades (all Future):
Hit - 50
Pwr - 45
Run - 45
Fld/Arm - 65
Alvarez is likely destined for a 4th OF role but could very well see himself playing in RF as a starter (an excellent spot to showcase his arm) in the near future, particularly with the $17.5 million option owed to Nick Markakis likely to be declined and OF/DH Neslon Cruz possibly departing for a long-term contract at the conclusion of the year. 
Sunday, May 11, 2014
The baseball equivalent of onesadhockeyplayer

The baseball equivalent of onesadhockeyplayer

Saturday, May 10, 2014
MASN’s Steve Melewski interviewing Orioles 1B Chris Davis in Bowie on 5/11/14

MASN’s Steve Melewski interviewing Orioles 1B Chris Davis in Bowie on 5/11/14

Davis possibly back in Baltimore tomorrow.

Chris Davis goes 1-4 in a rehab appearance with the Bowie Baysox tonight, striking out twice but finishing the evening with a loud single in his last at bat. Davis said that he had “accomplished what he needed to accomplish” and was in no discomfort.

Davis was aggressive, telling me that he had no intention of rehabbing by taking pitches, and admitted that he was relieved that there was no pain between innings or after at bats. Davis was tested in the field as well, fielding a couple ground balls and was required to stretch for some errant throws.

On the subject of his return, Davis said he was packing his things tonight and driving to Baltimore, where he is to meet with head trainer Richie Bancells and Orioles manager Buck Showalter. Davis said the Orioles would examine him tonight, but they would rely heavily on his input as to the status of his recovery, similar to their approach with 3B Manny Machado.

If I were to guess , I’d say the Orioles might wait to activate Davis until after the game tomorrow, giving them some extra time to decide on a corresponding roster move to create space on the 25 man roster.

I think I took one pitch in my first at bat, but yeah, after that I just let it rip. Chris Davis, on his approach at the plate in his rehab appearance in Bowie tonight. Davis was 1-4 with two strikeouts and scored one run. Davis said he felt no pain and would go visit with trainer Richie Bancells and manager Buck Showalter to determine if another rehab game was needed or if Davis could join the Orioles against Houston on Sunday.